By Sophie Haren

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While We're Young Workshop - Digital Product Identity Design.

While We’re Young - is a workshop visual identity I created when I teamed up with the one and only Katie Pannell where we discussed sales page design & copy that keep you from going gray by the end of the page.


This is a perfect example of a project that could have easily had a generic Canva logo and graphics and it would have been “fine.”


But as I’ve discussed before...fine just won’t cut it here in the underbelly.


I created a Heist package visual identity, which included a logo design, slide design, launch graphics, sales page design, and all of them spoke, no SCREAMED a good time.


Inspired by the youthful energy of the late sixties and the attitude of a young gal who’s got better things to do...this visual identity was a blast to make.


Oh yeah and we beat our sales goal so...there’s that too.


When was the last time you were in a workshop or course that had mouth-watering visuals? Tell me who’s it was and why!


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