By Sophie Haren

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Ah yes, Design...She's a dangerous one.

She can lure in anyone, no matter how distracted or closed off they might be.


Yes, she looks good. But it's more than that.


She doesn't absent-mindedly draw you in...she's studied psychology and human behavior, and she's mapped out every detail perfectly.


She knows just when to make eye contact, when to look away, and when to take a sip from her drink.


She's placed herself in the exact location where the path to her is clear and inviting. So much so that it seems like a sign from God and that you should go over to her.


She looks even better up close.


She knows what things to say to you to put you at ease...but still want more.


And when you're feeling the effects of her company, that's when she goes in for the kill.


And by "the kill," I mean she asks you for something.


By then, the only comprehensible answer is, "yes, anything."


That's why she's so dangerous.


You'd follow her anywhere and do anything for her; all you can hope for is that she doesn't lead you astray.


So the question is, is Design working for you or against you?

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