By Sophie Haren

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Your company's brand identity isn't the most important thing...

I might get whacked for saying this but...I'll let you in on a little secret.


Your company brand identity isn't that important.


Yeah, you read that right.


All I hear about from fellow designers is how the most important thing is a well-designed brand identity for your business. You NEED a logo, fonts, colors, website yadda yadda yadda. And it's not totally wrong...


But it's not going to move the needle like a digital product identity.


Because people don't find you through your main brand anymore, they find you through your offers.


Think about it.


If you're using Facebook ads, the product you're selling will be the first thing they see. Does it look legit? Does it look exciting? Then they see the landing page, then the digital product itself. They decide whether they "know, like, and trust" you INSIDE your digital product.


What if they've found you through social media? Welp, often people find us when we've increased our marketing efforts during a launch. So the first thing they see is the graphics and identity around said launch.


Or they've been following along but haven't pulled the trigger. Ya know a great way to get them to shoot a wad of cash your way? To make them feel like if they don't, they're going to miss out on an experience that could break up the monotony of their life. That's how.


Now you've gotten them to buy...what's the experience like inside the course? Inside the summit or mastermind? Is it sloppy? Or does it make them feel like they're flipping through a glossy magazine while sipping a cappuccino in a Parisian cafe?


They're both important, but if I had to pick, I'd spend my time and energy on the experience of my offers and the promotion around it. Not my company identity. It will make a much bigger impact on sales and the way you make your audience feel.


Welp. Now that I've stabbed my own industry in the back...have you been putting more emphasis on your company's visual identity or your digital products?


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